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The Love

Jean Cedric Deguy was born in the Champagne region, and from an early age reared and raised on bubbles! This tradition is anchored in his very deepest roots: The lion and the key represent the coat of arms of the Deguy family who were the king’s locksmiths. The white grape (chardonnay), the red grape (pinot noir and pinot meunier) underline their historical and ancestral attachment for Champagne wines.


The know how and expertise

For more than 12 years Jean Cedric Deguy was dedicated to the wine industry in the United States and Australia, daily tasting over 60 wines with winemakers and winery owners. Here was born the dream to create the champagnes Jean-Cedric Deguy.


An exceptional vineyard

Fruits of a rigorous selection of exceptional champagne vineyards, the champagnes Jean-Cedric Deguy reveal the excellence of their outstanding terroirs.


Taste and colors

As we all – novice, amateur or professional, gourmet and wine lover –have different tastes: Champagnes Jean-Cedric Deguy offer a varied palette range to respond to our differences. We are sure that amongst them, one will seduce you.

How to locate them

You can taste the Champagnes Jean-Cedric Deguy in numerous starred restaurants and other refined restaurants, or through our distribution network. Please don’t hesitate to contact us